IceWarp is redefining India’s collaboration market: Pramod Sharda


We are the best fit as a collaboration company with the right flexible plans for India Inc., says Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India.

The collaboration market in the modern enterprise world has moved beyond emails. The new age tools facilitate real time and immersive collaboration across the users in the enterprise and with the external customers. The US headquartered company is inflicting competition to traditional technology providers globally, including India. CIO India spoke to Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India, to know more on the company’s value prop to CIOs and CTOs in the region, the collaboration market and other topics.

Edited Excerpts

Where is the collaboration headed towards in 2017 and how do you see IceWarp play into this market?

Collaboration has grown much beyond basic calendaring, scheduling and other tasks for an organization. It is now about how closely the users are working on the projects in sync with others in the company. Earlier, there were projects with emails, attachments, chats, video calls, audio calls. Multiple means of communication are not required as the theme has shifted towards how transparent you are, how quick you are accessible and how you can prepare yourself towards the company’s goals.

Besides IceWarp’s collaboration suite, we have launched TeamChat which is a mini place where people with corners to work collaborate instantly in private or public. They can exchange views and publish things much faster. We want to cut down the communication process of email attachments, separate video calls etcetera. Users can have an instant online meeting video call or change the review and so on. Everybody works at same time together with an instant feedback mechanism too.

Collaboration is becoming quicker, transparent, result oriented and immersive. Do you see the technology move down the organization’s hierarchy?

Since early 2016, the shift has happened as collaboration is now spiralling down the organizations. The organizations has used this medium to become more environment friendly for the employees. The concept of intranet connect has given way to collaborators’ environment, Collaboration is drilling the concept down to the team members of a company as they are collaborating with other apps too like HR has to be part of collaboration. The external apps of company also like to get collaborative and be attached to this platform. People are finding ways the mandate to find a collaborative tool to get people on board in a big and unified way.


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