104 areas in Bengaluru have zero graduates

Recently, 30,000 villages in the state were surveyed by the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department


It may be hard to believe that in a booming city like Bengaluru, there could be a whole village that doesn’t have a single graduate. And yet, in reality, there isn’t just one but 104 areas here (with a population of 200 or more) that have zero graduates!

Take, for example, a place called Manchanahalli, under Bengaluru Urban district. It has a population of 1,796, but not one of them is a graduate. This is also the case with Hosahalli (population of 881), Arehalli (842) and Patnagere Gollahalli (252).

Recently, 30,000 villages in the state were surveyed by the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department and the compiled statistics said that over 2,070 villages in Karnataka have zero graduates. But the fact that even Bengaluru, the country’s IT capital, has such pockets came as a surprise to the Department of Collegiate Education. It now plans to fix the situation.
Ajay Nagabhushan MN, Commissioner, Department of Collegiate Education, told Mirror: “This census was done based on the socio-economic status of villages in the state. They’ve given us the list and now it’s our job to identify the real numbers and take action to improve the situation.”


Asked why Bengaluru has so many settlements with no graduates, Nagabhushan explained: “These are places where the infrastructure is poor and teachers are not up to the mark. Then there are several social issues affecting students of such regions too. They quit college mid-way, but more worryingly, they don’t want to go to college at all. It is in these areas that we see youth having early marriages. They usually stop education after PU.”So, as the collegiate department begins to take its own count, it has broadly chalked out its plans to remedy the situation.


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